RCGP Bright Ideas, 'Pioneer' Award winners 2019
RCGP Cluster Innovation Award winners, South Powys Cluster 2019

RCGP Bright Ideas, 'Pioneer' Award winners 2019

RCGP Cluster Innovation Award winners, South Powys Cluster 2019

Developing a Sustainable Workforce Through a CIC Model

Red Kite Health Solutions CIC

The problem:

The four practices in South Powys had been meeting for a number of years to develop cluster working, and were keen to develop services further through a multi-disciplinary approach that benefited patient outcomes and the cluster as a whole. With 80% of GP partners in South Powys aged 50+ and with current low levels of interest when aiming to recruit new GPs, it is imperative that GP time is spent on those patients who clinically need to see a doctor, to improve access and care for those patients accessing services…more >>

Point of Care Testing Machines

In November 2018, Red Kite gifted each of the 4 South Powys cluster practices (Haygarth, Brecon, Crickhowell and Ystradgynlais) 2 Point of care testing machines, enabling them to provide in-house testing of c-reactive protein (protein found in the blood plasma to measure inflammation). A pilot was initially run on patients presenting with symptoms of a lower respiratory tract infection (chest infection). Routinely, these intra-venous blood tests would take 48-72 hours to return from the lab, but these machines allow a clear reading within two minutes using a finger prick test. The aim of this was to assist clinicians in their clinical judgement about the prescribing of antibiotics. With antibiotic resistance on the increase nationally, it was a priority for the cluster to look at this area. A 2018/19 study of results showed a reduction in the prescribing of antibiotics of 17.5% (average) across the cluster.

In December 2018, Red Kite also donated a Point of care testing kit to the community Pharmacist, Llanidloes Pharmacy to assist with the successful minor illness service that has been running there for some time.

Cancer Care Reviews

The four South Powys Practices have signed up to the Macmillan Primary Care Cancer Framework, aimed at improving the access to care for cancer patients and their families. One of the objectives the cluster wished to focus on was the improvement of cancer-care reviews to advice and direct patients to appropriate services. Red Kite has donated £6,000 to this cause to assist the practices with training and implementation of this service.

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