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RCGP Bright Ideas, 'Pioneer' Award winners 2019
RCGP Cluster Innovation Award winners, South Powys Cluster 2019

Nurse Triage

A large proportion of a working day in practice can see clinicians dealing with requests for urgent, on the day appointments for acute illnesses. With 80% of GP partners in South Powys being 50+and practices across Wales struggling to recruit it is imperative that GP's only see patients who need to be seen by a Doctor. Analysis of the outcomes showed that a large proportion of the ailments being seen could be effectively treated through triage and effective use of all health services, therefore, reducing waiting times and improving access and treatments for patients who are acutely unwell. All four practices introduced a telephone first approach to handle these requests. Patients who telephone the surgery requesting an urgent appointment are telephoned back by a Triage Nurse who will assess their symptoms and advise on the best course of action. Through building close relationships with health care providers, they are able to refer in to the Pharmacy team, Community Pharmacy, Optician, Active Monitoring and a range of other services. This ensures the patient receives advice and treatment in a timely and effective manner by the most appropriate service. Statistics show that, on average, 68% of patients requesting on the day appointments do not require a GP appointment with a further 18% requiring advice only. The practices currently have Nurses in South Powys enrolled on minor illness courses and 2 have undertaken the Independent Prescribing degree course providing face to face direct patient care.

Unscheduled Triage Report