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Early Intervention Persistent Pain Practitioner - Primary Care 

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Early Intervention Persistent Pain Practitioner - Primary Care

The aim of this service will be focused on providing an early intervention and medication reduction service through a Pain Management Practitioner in the practices. Patients that are identified and/or highlighted in the Primary care setting as being at risk of developing an addiction or reliance can be introduced to early intervention measures, including advice, face-to-face consultation and support. In addition to this, the Practitioner would also target patients with long-term misuse that will require a comprehensive treatment programme to enable them to regain control of their lives and reduce their reliance on pain medication. Working closely with Primary and Secondary Care colleagues, this service aims to reduce routine GP appointments, increase knowledge of pain management, improve patient compliance and encourage patient self-care. This would see an overall reduction in the misuse of opioid and gabapentinoid medication in South Powys.